Zelens Daily Defence Suncreen

As the weather during my trip to the Big Apple is apparently going to be sunny and warm, I thought I would go on the hunt for a new sunscreen.  In the warmer months I don’t like to rely on the SPF in my moisturiser or makeup…I don’t know why…I guess I’m just not sure if they’re “enough”!

With skin which is prone to oiliness and spots if I use the wrong product, sunscreens are a difficult one for me.  I’ve nailed down the ingredients/products that work well for my skin type so I’m always weary of “undoing” the good work of my serums and moisturisers by lathering on a sunscreen which makes me greasy and spotty!  I’ve previously used suncreens from Bioderma and Skinceuticals both of which have been good for oily skin types but the problem I have with them is that they tend to leave a bit of a white cast on the face and then suddenly my foundation isn’t a good match!  So back on the hunt I go for the “holy grail” suncreen and I came across a new release from Zelens in SpaceNK one day.  I’ve been wearing it for a few days now and it is truly is a lovely sunscreen.  Makeup sits well over it and it has a really pleasant smell to it which is not overpowering.  However, there are two qualities to this product that makes it stand out over the rest…it does NOT leave a white cast on the skin (it sinks in and feels lovely) and my face is not an oil slick by the end of the day.  Amazing!

I would totally recommend this sunscreen.  At £55 it is no doubt very expensive but I think the qualities of the product and its added skincare benefits justifies the price for me.

If you have tried this suncreen, I would love to hear your views!