Inflight Skincare Routine!

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Sepai Cleanse and Tone Try Me Kit

Sepai-Clense-and-Tone-Try-Me-Kit Sepai-Try-Me-Kit

The Selfridges Beauty Workshop is a dangerous place!  For a skincare junkie like me, hours could pass by and I wouldn’t even realise.  I like that they have some quirky less mainstream brands and I think it competes very well with the likes of SpaceNK.

A good alcohol free toner has been on the “mission” list for a while now and not very many products have made the cut but a toner from the Sepai skincare range caught my eye.  It feels lovely on the skin and has a very light, pleasant scent.  Now, the drawback is that the product is £60…yes, £60!  I’m not adverse to spending serious money on skincare that works but £60 for a toner?!  Even I had to think twice about that!  However, you can buy this try-me kit for £38 which is slightly easier to stomach.

I’m intrigued by this brand as it is apparently packed with peptides and has no parabens or silicones.  You can apparently customise the moisturisers by injecting them with these mini injection like products to suit your skin.  All very high tech (and I like a bit of high tech in my skincare!).

Anyway…I’ve used the toner for a couple of weeks now and I like it.  Is it a repurchase?  I’m not sure…the £60 price tag is hefty and I’m sceptical about whether I can see any added benefit.  I would definitely like to try the other products in the range though.  Might need another excuse to head back to the Selfridges Beauty Workshop…as if I need an excuse! 🙂

If anyone has any good recommendations for alcohol free toners I would love to hear about them!