Inflight Skincare Routine!

I am off next weekend for a girlie weekend to NYC with my sister and I am VERY excited!  Sephora shopping list at the ready in one hand and the credit card in the other! 🙂

Before actually landing in the Big Apple, there is the small matter of the inflight skincare routine.  This is something I had never even considered doing until I came across a YouTube video by amazing makeup artist Lisa Eldridge (  It does make total sense – those long haul flights play havoc on your skin and you do disembark feeling simply gross!  So why not?!  It’s not like you’d be so busy on those flights that you couldn’t fit in a bit of pampering in between! 🙂  I used to sit on 13-hour flights with a full face of makeup for the entire duration of the flight (SHOCK HORROR!).

I’m drawing inspiration from a range of favourite blogs: Ruth from A Model Recommends and Into the Gloss and this weekend I am doing a bit of prepping for the inflight regime!  This is how I see the regime panning out:

  1. Take the make up off with Bioderma and some cotton wool pads (no using the water that comes out from the taps on the plane…I’m told it’s not the nicest water!);
  2. Tone with the travel size Sepai toner;
  3. Follow up with the Nude Serum;
  4. Stick on the Zelens oil (this stuff is lovely!);
  5. Dab on some Liz Earle Superskin Eye and Lip Treatment; and
  6. Whack on the Omorovicza Rejuvenating Night Cream (I’m cracking out the heavy duty stuff).

This is essentially my evening skincare routine on a daytime flight to New York from London…let’s see if it manages to keep my skin feeling “aaahhhhh” rather than “ewwwww” by the time we land!

I’m also going to bring my trustee Estelle & Thild Hand Cream (lovely smelling hand cream with no nasties and no mineral oil (hurrah!)) and my Dior Creme De Rose Lip Balm (a repurchased item time and time again).

Do you have any go-to travel products for long haul trips?  I’d love to hear about them!




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